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Exclusive Tour in India

Music Dance & Spiritual Worlds of Rajasthan  

Take a journey full of rare musical encounters, exquisite dancing, sacred Sufi shrines,  stunning landscapes, temples, desert tribal parties and the festive celebrations of Rajasthan 14 glorious days. The sights of India’s impressive landscapes are the glorious backdrop for a special excursion that enables an intimate, unique introduction to India through its tribal musical culture and the special inhabitants of the Rajasthan desert.

Rajasthan (Raj – royal, sthan – land/state) is one of the most colorful states in India. It is a desert region abounding in classical and ancient traditions, where palaces, temples, fortresses and royalty  exist alongside villages and tribes.

Music in India, and especially in Rajasthan, is a principal part of religious rituals setting the tone for holidays and wedding ceremonies. This music, played for kings when they went off to battle, accompanies the Sufi festivities and provides entertainment for the high society. Bringing the  various religions and classes together, the music of Rajasthan opens a door to the fascinating cultural worlds that are the focus and inspiration for this special journey.


Sajida Ben-Tzur is an Indian classical and Rajasthani folk dancer. She grew up In a house which is a center for the Sufi community, in the holy city Ajmer. during the last Fifteen years Sajida has worked closely with some of the most exceptional musicians in Rajasthan. 



This tour facilitates a personal connection with Rajasthan’s landscapes and people through the ears, the eyes and especially the Heart!

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